Polystyrene concrete

polystyrenebetonWhat is polystyrene concrete? What advantages does it possess in comparison with other similar materials that makes it so specific? You will find the answer to these questions in the following passage “ What is polystyrene concrete?”

Polystyrene concrete is light concrete, which is prepared right on the construction site. Polystyrene concrete is characterized by the availability of a number of unique qualities. In addition to being ideal heat insulator, it is ecologically clean, thermal insulation and acoustic isolation material. It can also be applied as solid coating for all types of floor surfaces. It is durable and fire proof construction material. Polystyrene concrete has been used on the construction market of Ukraine for over 25 years, and in the west European countries – more than 40 years. At present, however, the construction market signals the increasing demand for its application as a construction material, which signifies about emergence of new trends. These trends are caused primarily by the evident advantages of this construction material:


What is Polystyrene concrete?


Manufacturing technology of polystyrene - depends on the type and purpose:

By appointment the following types of polystyrene:

200 kg / m3 - thermal insulation (insulation).

250 kg / m3 - uklonoobrazuyuschego (creating slopes).

300 kg / m3 - acoustic (noise reduction on the ceiling).